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Redefining Recovery


Realigning Sobriety


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An Effective & Less Costly Option...

Redefining Upscale Sober Living

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Structured upscale los angeles sober living for men

Elevating the Sober Living Experience

When a sober living home reinvents the concepts of higher standards and broader services within a more comfortable environment, that is a renovator in recovery. When it does so in a manner that costs less and yet often exceeds the individual measures for success among its residents, that is a pioneer!

West Los Angeles  |  Beverly Hills, CA

Our Philosophy

A professionally structured and luxuriously appointed sober living residence for men near Beverly Hills


Recovery Services

Expanded recovery services available as needed such as outpatient, coaching, therapy, etc.


An Affordable Option

About half the cost of other high-end sober living residences throughout West Los Angeles & Beverly Hills


The Home & Staff

View the residence and meet our highly talented & exceptional team of recovery professionals


Welcome home...

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In a world of change and consequences, Epiphany Sober Living has given me the ability to change my life, the ability to center myself while working on my sobriety, and the ability to work on my relationships and learn about myself. The staff takes care of all my needs and appointment’s. They are both knowledgeable and dedicated and go out of their way to accommodate my needs. It’s so much more than just another high-end transitional living home!

Epiphany gives me a safe, warm and structured environment in which to work on my sobriety and there’s no place I’d rather be during this sometimes difficult time in my life.

Jeremy J. | Boulder, CO

We are extremely proud and grateful for the way our son Dave conducted himself during his first home visit. He was friendly, affectionate, sympathetic and grounded…he looked me right in the eyes and gave me his full attention. He was open about his sobriety, reconnected with his sober friends from college and even made peace with his sister!

Thank you so much for hanging in their with him, he has come so far with your help!

Pat (Dave’s Mom) | St. Louis, MO

The Epiphany House opened its doors with remarkable support as a total caring community and guided my son’s transformation from fragility to strength.  

Janet Schatten | Atlanta, GA


"We're saving room for your testimonial"

The guys shown above arrived here emotionally, physically and spiritually broken, and very soon after their lives began to change. Today they are living the dream and accomplishing goals that not long ago seemed unimagineable. Today it's your turn, and a successful tomorrow is just around corner...and when tomorrow comes, we promise to save room on here for your testimonial!