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The Difference Between Rehab and Sober Living in Southern California

By | Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehab

Which is Southern California’s best treatment option for successful recovery for those suffering from drug or alcohol addictions?

As the drug epidemic continues to spread across America, more and more addiction treatment centers and sober living homes are abound, especially here in Los Angeles and Southern California. Prior to choosing a treatment option however, it’s important to understand the difference between drug rehab and sober living. In fact these days it is becoming much more prevalent to find upscale and highly structured sober livings (addiction recovery homes) providing treatment center type services. We refer to them as “PHP (partial hospitalization) programs, and they are fast becoming a primary approach toward treating drug and alcohol addictions.


Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is the first step and primary source for recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorder of an addiction and mental health illness). A proper evaluation and diagnosis by a licensed psychiatrist specializing in addiction treatment in California will determine whether your particular situation would best be suited for inpatient/residential rehab or outpatient rehab. Residential rehab is when the patient lives at the treatment facility for either a short term of 30 to 90 days, or long term inpatient drug rehab extending up to 12 months. They must stay and leave behind jobs, home and relationships and focus on just their recovery.

Outpatient rehab allows the patient to remain in their own home or in a sober living home while frequenting rehab for recovery services. The staff is composed of clinical and therapeutic treatment professionals with a plethora of treatment options that should be individualized for the patient’s specific needs.

Quite often, medical detox will be the first phase of recovery when entering a drug rehab. Detox can take anywhere from several hours to days at an inpatient drug rehab. The next phase in recovery is actually dealing with the underlying causes for the drug or alcohol addiction through various treatment modalities (clinical and holistic) such as therapy, group support, family involvement, etc. If there is also a dual diagnosis, the treatment must address the addiction and the mental health disorder separately. The next phase of recovery is aftercare or sober living which is comprised of services and structure supporting a balanced and healthy life in recovery.


Sober Living & Recovery Housing

Sober living homes are transitional residences where those in recovery live together. It’s difficult to just return to your own home, neighborhood and friends, with the reminders of your past experiences with drug and alcohol addiction. While living at a sober living home, total abstinence from any alcohol or drugs is mandatory. The best feature is being surrounded by those that understand your situation and can support you in your recovery. Sober living homes may be co-ed or gender specific whereby men and women live separately.

Epiphany Sober Living of Southern California has two sober living homes for men only – Sunset House, a three-story residence located near the 405 freeway between Brentwood and Bel-Air and Roxbury house, a two-story comfortably furnished home with high ceilings, a marble stair case, and multiple lounge areas, adjacent to Beverly Hills; and one sober living home for women only – Benecia House, located in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood called Holmby Hills which is within walking distance of Century City Mall and multiple bus routes. Each sober living residence has its own structure, rules and expectations, all designed to help people stay sober and ensure a successful recovery. Services such as the 12 step program are common practice at sober living homes. Sober living homes are uniquely poised to provide a safe place for those in need of a secure structure to ensure successful recovery.

Many sober living homes have relationships with outpatient treatment centers and provide travel from the residence in order to facilitate a sober routine. They allow you the opportunities to create a whole new healthier lifestyle, including work, relationships, physical fitness and well-being. The difference between one sober living home and another is usually characterized by the location, comfort, gender and cost. Epiphany Sober Living of Southern California prides its reputation on offering upscale and comfortable residences that are more affordable than others in their category.

To learn more about the differences between drug rehab and sober living homes and which treatment options are best for your individual needs, please contact Epiphany Sober Living at (844) 229-6636.