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Welcome To Epiphany Sober Living

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This is where upscale & structured sober living intersects with hope, desire and preparation…

This is where it all happens, where lifelong friendships take root and where the seeds of change in recovery are given a chance to blossom unlike ever before.  For anyone out there who has struggled through the grips of drug and alcohol addictions, or of countless painful relapses or anything of the sort, this right here is an opportunity to “reset the system” and re-engage sobriety from a new perspective.

Epiphany Sober Livings and Addiction Recovery Residences strives to remain a leader throughout the Los Angeles area, and beyond!  And in this striving for greatness we commit to doing more and more with each passing day.  As many others showed us the way from very early on, we too have taken on that honor of passing it on and helping others to rise above addiction once and for all!

Welcome to our new blog 🙂