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Gaming addiction

By July 2, 2018 Uncategorized
addicted to gaming

You got home from work, had a super quick bite, changed your clothes rapidly, and there you are, in front of your computer, starting your favorite video game. The excitement, the joy, it’s your favorite part of the day. It seems like the whole day was building up to this moment. It doesn’t matter are you playing a single-player game or online together with your friends, this activity will most likely take all of your leisure time. Surely, you’ll get up now and then to go to the bathroom or maybe grab a sandwich or some snack, but most probably you’ll be back shooting aliens or conquering a magical world in no time. Let’s make no mistake about this; you are not the only one. There are millions of hardcore gamers around the world, and that’s because playing video games can be so much fun.

However, like any activity gaming can also become addictive. So, how can you determine whether you are just having fun or becoming an addict? According to www.techaddiction.ca: “Currently, there is no single universally agreed upon definition of video game addiction. There is no set number of hours one must play in ordered to be considered addicted to video games. Most definitions of video game addiction refer to excessive play which results in negative emotional, social, relational, educational, or career-related consequences.”

Since gaming addiction is a relatively modern phenomenon, it is not a diagnosable disorder, and there are no set criteria or symptoms yet. However, if playing video games occupies most of your leisure time there’s a big chance that you are addicted. Like all addictions gaming addiction also develops gradually. Have you ever delayed going to bathroom or drinking water even though you were super thirsty just because you absolutely had to complete that mission? Or have you been lately saying to your friends you won’t be going out with them because you don’t feel like going out, while the actual reason for saying no was that “sick” new game you just got? Or maybe your school grades or work performance are getting worse with time because you’ve been too busy gaining spell points and increasing the level of your gaming character so you could challenge the dragon and save the magical world? Answering these questions might give you a better idea of where you are in terms of gaming addiction.

No doubt, playing video games can boost your mood and make you feel amazing. However, don’t forget that besides magical gaming worlds and exciting missions there are also a lot of real-life things happening, and you surely shouldn’t be missing out on those. As they say, moderation is key.

For more visit: http://www.techaddiction.ca/video-game-addiction.html